Sinbad: In Search of the Golden Pineapple

Sinbad is on a quest for the legendary Golden Pineapple. He and his band of Gold Seekers find the book of knowledge that directs them to go to a remote island to complete their search. As they sail to the island, they dive from the boat and discover golden trinkets. After arriving Sinbad makes repairs to the boat and attempts to clean it up.

A slapstick comedy ensues and when a crew member falls into the water, Sinbad goes to save him and the crew follows with beautiful dives off the 3 meter boards, and the 5 and 10 meter platforms. When the pandemonium subsides, nobody has the treasure! The crew searches everywhere with no success.

The audience points to the highest (80’) platform so that we can get a better view.  After climbing to the top, the Golden Pineapple is spotted at the bottom of the ocean below.  A spectacular high dive is performed and the treasure is recovered to the amazement of the crowd.  A fire dive is performed on the last show of the day in order to see into the depths and recover the treasure.