Penguin Olympic High Dive Show

Penguins’ Olympic Splash

Welcome to the Arctic Olympic High Dive Show! An energetic trainer starts coaching several elite penguins for the upcoming Arctic Olympic Games. At first, everything is going well. But then the food runs out and the trainer must leave to replenish the food bucket with more treats.

The Penguins (cleverly dressed humans) take this opportunity to have fun and frolic on the boards. When the trainer returns, he is invited to take part in this play session. After the fun is over the Penguins show off and perform their real Olympic dives. The penguins show off their abilities and perform the high dive from over 80 feet to introduce high diving as an Olympic event.  A fire dive is performed for the closing ceremonies.

This is one of our most popular shows from the last 5 years, and can also be set up as a DUO SHOW! In the duo show, the set contains 4 diving boards and 2 ladders with 3 diving platforms each. Two groups of penguins compete against each other in an even bigger show. Duo High Dive Shows are an excellent way to entertain larger audiences with more performers, more diving and more excitement! 

Enjoy the antics of these talented penguins!