Synchronized Swimming

Witness the beauty of Aquatic Perfection! These synchronized swimmers have mastered the artistry and precision that really amazes the crowd.

Story: On a mountainside near the ocean lies the Kingdom of the Enchanted.  On any given day you can see the King and Queen swimming in the water, entertained by their loyal subjects.  Today the calm is disturbed by two evil characters wishing to have the power of the magic wand.  

Waiting for the perfect time, the evil twins steal the power and turn the subjects into frogs.  Swimming in the royal water, the evil twins celebrate their new-found power.  Refusing to accept defeat, the frogs plot to take back the power as they swim elegantly in synchronization to gather their thoughts.  Finally the chance comes and the frogs overpower the evil twins and regain the power they once had.  

As you walk near the waters of the world and see frogs playing together, remember the story of the Enchanted Kingdom.

Nominated for Best Sport Show by IAAPA.