Olympic Dream

The Olympic Dream





























We offer high diving shows of all shapes and sizes.
Each high diving show can be customized and may include the following:
A team of elite performers
Various themes to choose from
Customized costumes for the theme
Sets and backdrops to match the theme
Various story lines
Physical comedy routines
A traditional show set includes 2 diving boards and 1 tall ladder with 3 platform levels. Many of our themes and stories can be performed as duo shows, with 4 diving boards and 2 tall ladders. The performers on each of the dueling sets compete with each other as their stories intersect. This is a great way to spice up the attraction and entertain a larger audience.
Olympic Dream recently played at the Magic Springs Amusement Park.

Every youngster dreams of competing in the Olympics, this show features synchronized acrobatic and Olympic Style Diving and the Human Torch Fire Dive (optional) Last Show. Dive themed comedy act, the finale High Dive from the top of an 80′ tower, into a portable pool of 25 feet diameter and 10 feet deep. The OLYMPIC DREAM HIGH DIVING TEAM is proven to be the most reliable family entertainment for Theme Parks, Special Events and Fairs around the World. Choose the theme that is right for your Event.